“We’re working about 3 hours per day, but our VAs are working 8 hours per day.” - Matt Beard
Are You Too Overwhelmed IN Your Business to Work ON Your Business?
See How StartVirtual VAs Can
AND Help 10X Your REI Business!

your new REMOTE team will help you
make more, spend less, and steal back your schedule!
Here’s the hard truth: If you don’t have consistent leads, you don’t have a business.
Whether you’re a brand new investor or a veteran closer, consistent leads are everything.

Sure, you could personally spend more time putting out bandit signs, knocking on doors, or answering random Craig’s List callers, but what if there was a better way?

The StartVirtual Cold Calling System takes out the friction of acquiring leads so you can build your business around your schedule and spend more time on the things you do best.

Our Customer Success Managers will help you find the best Cold Caller VA - or team of VAs - to create a consistent, ongoing flow of high-quality leads to grow your business like clockwork.
If You’ve Ever Tried to Hire Your Own VA, You’ve Probably Experienced the Following...
  • Difficulty pre-screening potential virtual assistants
  • Hiring someone with little or no specific directions
  • ​Bringing on team members without deadlines in place
  • ​Assigning tasks without considering order of priorities
  • Problems accepting the first applicant before you know your true requirements
But here's the good news...

At StartVirtual, we do all of the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on closing sales, growing your business, and stop doing work that would be better handed off.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Our Clients Have Said About Their Experience!
“You show me one scaled real estate investor in the country who doesn’t have a VA, and I will show you a liar. StartVirtual is the key to scaling your business.”
"StartVirtual finds me at least 3-5 leads daily. They are diligent, sufficient, hard working and I look forward to growing this business with StartVirtual."
"After three weeks, we're averaging 1-3 leads per day. We are very excited about the production and the team. It's been seamless."
What Makes StartVirtual Different than typical cold callers?
StartVirtual VAs All Go Through a Meticulous Screening Process and Vigorous 60-hour Training. Every New StartVirtual Hire Attends the Following Onboarding Schedule…
  • Trainee Agreement and Expectations
  • Mission Statement, Organizational Chart, & Policies
  • Voice, Pacing, & Tone Assessment
  • US Postal Shorthand & Analysis Training
  • WOW Call Listening Sessions
  • Research Relevant Marketing Tools & Programs
  • Shadow Session for VA From Operation Manager
  • Objections, Difficulties, & Motivation Training
  • Mock Call, Feedback Sessions, & Trainee Recap
  • Hot Seat Analysis, Scoring Session, & Call Certification
Sound good? Here are your Next Steps…
1. Schedule a Discovery Call with a Customer Success Manager
2. Discuss Introductory VA Criteria and Any Additional Customization
3. Interview Cold Calling Candidates Perfect For Your Business
4. Onboard the Next Member(s) of Your Lead Generation Team
StartVirtual is the home of the most talented Filipino Virtual Assistants. With leaders who are experts in Real Estate Investment, Insurance, and Business Process Outsourcing, our company has quickly become the fastest growing outsourcing specialist in the United States.
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